Grayscale v. SEC: The Tables Have Turned

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3 min readAug 30, 2023

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  • The SEC Eats Crow: Grayscale’s Courtroom Victory Unpacked!
  • Crypto News Flash: From Binance’s BUSD bombshell to Hong Kong’s crypto prowess.
  • Final Thoughts: A nugget of wisdom to jumpstart your #wednesdaythoughts.

Grayscale v. SEC: The Tables Have Turned

So, the SEC took a hit, huh? Yep, Grayscale, that crypto giant, just schooled the SEC in court, and it’s about time.

Who could’ve seen this plot twist coming in the Bitcoin ETF soap opera? Well, let’s dissect the good, the bad, and the bullish.

First off, the court said ‘nah’ to the SEC’s refusal to grant Grayscale a Bitcoin ETF. Why is this a big deal? Because Grayscale argued that the SEC’s concern about market manipulation was, let’s say, a little myopic. The same could be said about Bitcoin futures, no?

Secondly, this legal tussle highlights something critical — the SEC is gonna have to get its act together, especially with financial titans like BlackRock and Fidelity waiting in the wings. Are we about to see a torrent of Bitcoin ETFs? Oh, it’s more than just a #wednesdaythought, folks.

Lastly, while the court’s ruling doesn’t green-light Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF outright, it does corner the SEC. They’ll need to be a lot more transparent in their decision-making process. I mean, we’re all tired of the regulatory hopscotch, right? #FireGaryGensler

Fire Gary Gensler


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  • Binance’s BUSD Bombshell: Big news! Binance will cease supporting BUSD by 2024 in #BNBChain. Not a typo. 2024!
  • Hong Kong’s Crypto Surge: Hong Kong is making waves, folks! SEBA Bank just got the green light to offer Bitcoin and crypto services. It seems Hong Kong’s not just a trend; it’s a crypto chad.


In the words of Winston Churchill, “Success always demands a greater effort.”

Whether it’s Grayscale fighting for a Bitcoin ETF or Hong Kong’s unyielding commitment to crypto, the landscape is shifting under our feet.

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