How a Fake Job Offer Cost CoinsPaid $37m

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3 min readAug 8, 2023

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  • Is North Korea pulling a $37m heist on CoinsPaid?
  • Continuing USDT sell-off on Curve and UniSwap
  • PayPal and Paxos join forces for Ethereum-based PYUSD
  • Kenyan police cracking down on Worldcoin (WLD)

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Lazarus Group’s Crafty Con: How a Fake Job Offer Cost CoinsPaid $37m​

The notorious Lazarus Group strikes again! This time, they’ve bagged $37 million from crypto payments provider — CoinsPaid.

And their weapon of choice? A convincingly fake job offer. But before labeling this a “work-from-home nightmare,” let’s break it down…

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Six moody months spent meticulously studying CoinsPaid’s systems resulted in an elaborate scam that fooled an innocent employee into thinking they’d landed a high-paying gig with Plot twist: they didn’t.

Fact is, North Korean hackers have been stealing millions to fund their…wait for it…nuclear program ⛈️

Jeez, when did financial independence get so Bond villainsque? If you’ve been keeping tabs on such hacks, you’d know that these mfers have made off with more than $3 billion in crypto till date.

Now if only they could put all that brainpower into curing cat allergies, amirite?

Now let’s jump back to the sneaky hack at hand. What’s surprising is how intricate these deceptive operations are.

From faking technical interviews to manipulating emotions via lucrative offers, they do it all and HOW!

Bottom line: cyber security ain’t no walk in the park folks. And social engineering attacks? Those are the bullets you never saw coming.


  • The pressure cooker’s whistles louder as selling pressure on USDT intensifies across Curve and UniSwap stablecoin pools.
  • While some entities spew friction, others create synergy. Case in point: PayPal’s partnership with Paxos to launch PYUSD, an Ethereum-based stablecoin.
  • In Kenya, police raided a Worldcoin (WLD) warehouse making off with evidence faster than you can say ‘blockchain.’ Investigation details pending…


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