Solana’s Resurgence: The Phoenix Tenacious

Goat News — Episode #135

Goat News
2 min readNov 3, 2023
SBF rekt

GM web3 fam ☕️

A chapter closes in the crypto courtroom saga, as Sam Bankman-Fried faces a guilty verdict on all counts. But let’s not dwell on the downfall of the dishonorable — scammers always get their comeuppance.

Our focus today lies elsewhere, on the triumphs within the tech. Dive in for the main event — Solana’s rising tide.

The Phoenix Tenacious

In crypto, as in life, it’s survival of the fittest. And Solana? It’s flexing hard.

After the storm comes the calm, and this blockchain’s calm is a prelude to a storm of progress: a network shaken yet unbroken — resilient.

A price that plummeted to $8, a user base that dwindled, yet here we are, witnessing a 250% rally. Solana’s not just back; it’s stronger, faster, and hungrier.

Breakpoint wasn’t just a conference; it was Solana’s pulse check, and the heartbeat is strong.

Firedancer, the new validator client? Think of it as Solana’s new groove, setting a rhythm for a million transactions.

And that smart wallet launch? It was not just innovation; it is a revolution in access and security — a testament to Solana’s promise of a seamless future.

💡 Goat takeaway: What makes a blockchain? It’s not the code; it’s the community.

Solana’s proving, day by day, block by block, that it’s built to last. It’s a narrative of endurance, a saga of strength.

So while the market watches, Solana scripts its epic — not with words, but with action.

As one saga dims (rip SBF), another ignites (WAGMI, Solana fam)

Solana’s journey is far from over; it’s a beacon for the believers and a testament to the tireless.

What Else is Trending in Crypto Today? 👀

1️⃣ Eyes on the clock for the Non-Farm Payroll and US unemployment rate reveal at 01:30 pm UTC.

2️⃣ Coinbase’s melody of success plays on, with a Q3 revenue report that beats the beat.

3️⃣ ProShares debuts the first Short Ethereum ETF — another twist in the crypto tale.

4️⃣ Bitcoin ETFs call options surge, a prelude to a bullish finale for the year.

5️⃣ Abu Dhabi’s new legal framework for DAO & DLT, a symphonic shift in the regulatory landscape.

Final Thoughts 🧠

In the vast and often unpredictable crypto cosmos, it’s not just about the stories that make us sigh but those that make us soar.

The market may ebb and flow, but the true north of innovation remains constant.

Stay sharp, stay curious, and let’s keep navigating this ever-changing digital odyssey.

Cheers n’ Goat out! 🐐✌️