What Can DAOs Learn From Partisan Politics?

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2 min readSep 5, 2023

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Look alive, folks! We’re poppin’ the champagne for our 100th episode!

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What Can DAOs Learn From Partisan Politics?

Ah, the DAO dilemma. Efficient as a Swiss watch but as convoluted as a Game of Thrones subplot.

Ever thought about mixing some politics into that DAO cocktail? Danny Chong says, “Why not?” Political parties have been around longer than your grandma’s secret cookie recipe.

They’ve got the know-how on rallying the masses and keeping the ship steady. Imagine DAOs adopting a sprinkle of that wisdom. A recipe for efficiency or a governance dumpster fire? But let’s not be hasty.

The freedom to propose anything and everything has left DAOs with a cacophony of voices but no choir. It’s like a jam session where everyone’s playing a different tune. Is the solution in political-style representation?

Elected folks who can navigate the DAO through the choppy waters of decentralized governance? And let’s talk communication — or lack thereof.

Ever seen a DAO implode due to a “shortfalling in communication”? Yep, me too. Maybe it’s time to borrow a page from political campaign strategies. Transparency could be our saving grace, fam.

Bottom line: If DAOs want to level up, they must borrow some age-old tactics from the political playbook. Representation, communication, and transparency are more than just buzzwords; they could be the keys to a more harmonious, decentralized future.


  • El Salvador’s Crypto Classroom: 2024’s syllabus just got a #Bitcoin overhaul! Math? Nah, it’s crypto crunch time!
  • Elon’s Legal Fireworks: The world’s richest drama king threatens legal action. Anti-Defamation League, meet Musk’s wrath!
  • #Stake’s Wallet Wipeout: Who said the house always wins? $41M just exited Stake’s crypto casino. Talk about a bad beat!


As the legendary Albert Einstein once said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

DAOs, politics, El Salvador’s crypto curriculum — it’s all part of the ever-spinning wheel of progress.

What’s your next high-stakes move?

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